SIL Resources offer access to SIL Videos Platform, SIL White Papers and links to key sustainable finance articles covering: sustainable and impact investing, ESG data and analysis, UN SDGs and their application, EU and Swiss sustainable finance regulations.

It also provides materials for start-ups such as: Swiss Impact Lead x Start-Ups series with short readings on start-up sustainable growth and development, and inspirational graphics to download.

SIL Videos Platform

SIL Videos Platform: Link↗ 

Useful Links

Sustainable Finance Overview

•  Sustainable Finance Glossary (SSF): Link↗

•  Sustainable Finance Definitions & Taxonomies (OECD): Link↗

•  Sustainable Finance in EU (EC): Link↗

Sustainable & Impact Investing

•  Sustainable Investing Approaches (Eurosif): Link↗

•  Impact Investing Overview (GIIN): Link↗

•  Impact Investing in Public Equities (BlackRock): Link↗

•  Impact Investing vs. ESG Investing (SIL): Link ↗

ESG Data & Analysis

•  ESG Glossary (CFA Institute): Link↗

•  ESG Ratings Overview (Harvard Law): Link↗

•  ESG Data Challenges (EY): Link↗

•  Science Based Approach to ESG Data Analysis (SIL): Link↗

Impact Investing Guidelines

•  Operating Principles for Impact Mgmt: Link↗

•  Impact Investment for Fund Managers (GIIN): Link↗

•  Positive Impact Finance Initiative: Link↗

UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 

•  UN SDGs Glossary (UN): Link↗

•  SDGs for Business (UN Global Compact): Link↗

•  SDGs for Universities (UN): Link↗

EU Sustainable Finance Policies & Regulations

•  EU Sustainable Finance Strategy (EC): Link↗

•  EU SFDR (EC): Link↗

•  EU Taxonomy (EC): Link↗

•  EU Green Bond Standards (EC): Link↗

Swiss Sustainable Finance Regulations

•  Dossier on Sustainable Finance (FINMA): Link↗

•  Sustainable Asset Mgmt Recommendations (SFAMA): Link↗

•  Greenwashing in Financial Sector (FINMA): Link↗


SIL White Papers

Impact Investing: Towards a Credible Sustainable Investment Strategy

The paradigm shift towards impact investing is upon the finance sector. Impacting investing with the goal to generate significant positive socio-environmental outcomes is becoming mainstream. Author: Katarzyna Wilk​

ESG Science-Based Analysis: A Universal Approach for Finance, Business and Policy-Making

A science-based ESG analysis and financial analysis complement each other - finance analysis can be improved by using concepts and methods from a science-based approach, offering a holistic view of ESG risks and performance. Authors: Katarzyna Wilk, Michal Bojanowski

Towards Greater Impact: Family Offices Accelerating Transition to Impact Investing

Along with a rise of sustainable finance, for many family offices embracing sustainable and impact investment strategy is a natural step forward. Given the fact that family offices have unique investors' profiles, they may serve as a role model in an ongoing transition. Author: Katarzyna Wilk



Swiss Impact Lead x Start-Ups Series

Big Questions for Start-Ups​

A great idea for a start-up is only a starting point, translating it into a successful international business is a big challenge. Numbers do not lie - about 50 percent of start-ups fail within the first five years, 20 percent do not make it a year, and majority do not enter foreign markets at all.

The Power of Impact Start-Ups

What are the benefits of building an impact start-up? Are investors truly interested in sustainable start-ups that have positive environmental and societal impacts? This articles pinpoints benefits of impact start-ups on both sides - an investor and founder.​

Modern Leadership

What are the characteristics of a modern leader? How she or he can be distinguished from others? Modern leaders coach more and instruct less. They support employees in overcoming difficulties, by creating an environment of trust, where employees' opinions are valued and respected.

Team Building

A new business without a well-integrated team and adequate leadership is at high risk to fail - more than 60% of start-ups’ failures is due to the lack of attention to people issues such as a team diversity or good conflict management.
Author: Marta Filipowicz

Marketing & Sales on Foreign Markets

You might have a great product or services "flying off the shelves" on your local market but fail to launch them abroad. Why is it so? Start-ups are often overwhelmed with their initial local success and tend to copy the same approach. But there is no guarantee that this approach would work well abroad too.
Author: Marta Filipowicz

Start-Ups & Corporates Collaboration

Establishing a partnership between start-ups and corporates is neither an easy task nor necessity, and it could be good or bad. Whether it can be beneficial for you and your company depends on the type of business you are building and your personal characteristics as a founder.
Author: Wojciech Dudziak

Start-Up Valuation

Fundrising is key to expand, to test ideas, hire and build teams. Before entering this processes, a start-up requires valuation. Understanding how this process looks like and which aspects are key is important for founders.


Inspiring Quotes for Start-Ups