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If you are an early-stage venture or start-up, focusing on solving social, environmental and economic challenges, contributing to circular economy, or interested in creating positive impacts and seeking to accelerate growth, we are here for you. 

Access to Stakeholders & Capital

We link best impact start-ups with Investors, who seek ethical, sustainable and impactful investment opportunities. All start-ups, which we are endorsing, go through the SIL Certification™ program. Eligible start-ups must have: 

  • innovative business model
  • full-time dedicated team
  • working product/services, with initial traction and revenue
  • integrated impact or intention to integrate it into strategy. 

Business Development

We provide start-ups with strategic advise and support in expanding onto the Swiss region. We offer expertise in foreign expansion, scaling, marketing, sales, and communication as well as a long-term commitment to further start-up growth. 

Advise & Mentoring

Our passion-driven mentors are fully committed to turning start-ups into successful impact ventures. We provide best mentoring in the field of impact investing, impact/sustainability management, start-up growth, innovation and brand-building.

Please learn more and meet our mentors and advisors.

Impact Check & Development

We verify and co-develop start-ups’ impact strategy and related policies. Further, we assess an impact bi-yearly and prepare reporting for Investors.

We also provide assistance in communicating your impact internally and externally, turning it into a competitive advantage.

SIL Certification™ Program

The program is open to all start-ups interested in integrating SDGs/impact into core. It is being executed in collaboration with the Swiss Impact Lead Foundation

All eligible start-ups, which we are endorsing to Investors, must finalise the SIL Certification™. Throughout the process, start-ups meet best practitioners, master their entrepreneurship skills and expand ecosystem. The program is conducted in English and consists of:

  • Start-Up Impact Assessment
  • Impact Strategy Development 
  • Training Program (trainings indicated as SIL)
  • Mentoring 
  • Team Coaching 

We require finalising the SIL Certification™ program by all start-up leaders, however we recommend that all team members participate in the Training Program. All requirements need to be fulfilled within the time period of 4 months.

Coaching and trainings are offered online, while mentoring – online or by phone. To schedule mentoring and team coaching, please email us at: To register for trainings, please click below the Trainings button.

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