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We assist our Clients in designing impact portfolios and funds, identifying impact investment opportunities. We provide SIL Certification™ validating their positive impact and alignment with ESG/SDGs. We also offer support in building impact strategies, programs and policies. 

Impact/ESG Portfolios & Funds

We support our Clients in designing impact portfolios and funds. We identify and analyse theme-specific impact investment opportunities that complement our Clients’ portfolio.

We also screen current portfolios and funds, and provide verification in the area of impact, SDGs- and ESG-alignment.

We offer a Second-Party Opinion on Green, Social and Sustainability Bonds.

SIL Certification™ – Impact & ESG Certified

We offer SIL Certification™, validating a positive impact and alignment with ESG for portfolios, funds, business strategies and programs.

Impact certification covers:

  • Design of Impact Portfolio, Fund, Strategy, Program (optional)
  • Impact Assessment
  • Impact Monitoring & Reporting

ESG certification covers:

  • Design of ESG-aligned Portfolio or Fund (optional)
  • ESG Audit
  • ESG-alignment Monitoring & Reporting

Impact Assessment & Reporting

We provide high quality impact assessment, reporting and monitoring of projects, programs and policies for:

  • Investors 
  •   Family Offices
  • Foundations
  • International Organizations
  • New Ventures/Start-Ups 
  • Academic Institutions   

Thought Leadership

We provide insights on trends and regulations in the field of sustainability and sustainable finance, including:

  • white papers 
  • reports and briefs

We also provide expertise in the field of:

  • SDGs operationalisation into programs and policies
  • ESG data methodology and assessment tools design
  • advanced ESG data analysis
  • opinion & thematic survey design (e.g. for investors, assets managers)

Examples of our white papers:

“Impact Investing: Towards a Credible Sustainable Investment Strategy.”

“ESG Science-Based Analysis: A Universal Approach for Finance, Business and Policy-Makers.”

Impact Strategy, Programs & Policies

If your company intends to build an impact strategy or strengthen the current one, we are happy to assist. We integrate socio-environmental impacts, aligned with Sustainability Principles & UN SDGs into your strategy, policies and communications.

We also assist Foundations and International Organizations in developing impact programs and polices with measurable outcomes at the local, regional or global level.


We kindly invite you to check our on-line trainings, which cover: Sustainable Finance, Impact Strategy and Assessment, Start-up Growth & Expansion, Sustainability Leadership, SDGs Integration into Core, and ESG Analysis & Integration.

For more information and to register, please click below the button Trainings.

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