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We link capital with innovative and scaleable start-ups, which have positive social and environmental impacts. If you are a Private or Institutional Investor, or Asset Manager, seeking impact start-ups, we are happy to assist.

Access to CEE Start-Ups

Our extensive network of CEE innovation hubs gives you access to best impact start-ups. We consult your preferences and choose impact ventures that fit your portfolio for potential investments, collaboration or acquisition. We further provide you with bi-yearly impact reporting of chosen start-ups.

All start-ups that we are endorsing go through the SIL Certification™ program, including: high-quality trainings, expert mentoring and advising, and impact strategy development. For more details, please refer to Impact Lab.

Sectors & Impacts 

Our focus is on start-ups within high-potential sectors, aligned with the Sustainability Principles and UN SDGs, including:

  • healthcare, well-being
  • resource efficiency, pollution
  • finance and insurance technology
  • food, agriculture
  • business infrastructure, productivity
  • mobility, transport, smart cities
  • housing, green construction
  • education, sport
  • work, inequality

Screening & Investment Strategy

We continuously monitor global sustainability trends and policy developments, and position both sustainability and positive socio-environmental impacts in the center. As we believe this approach leads to better investment decisions and monitoring, our Clients benefit from high-quality ESG audits, impact assessments and sustainability research.

SIL Certification™ – Impact & ESG Certified

We offer SIL Certification™ validating an investment positive impact and alignment with ESG.

Impact certification covers:

  • Design of Impact Portfolio/Fund (optional)
  • Impact Assessment
  • Impact Monitoring & Reporting

ESG certification covers:

  • Design of ESG-aligned Portfolio/Fund (optional)
  • ESG Audit
  • ESG-alignment Monitoring & Reporting 


We kindly invite you to check our on-line trainings, which cover: Sustainable Finance, Impact Strategy and Assessment, SDGs Integration into Core, and ESG Analysis & Integration.

For more information and to register, please click below the button Trainings.

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